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Garage Door Springs
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The springs used for garage doors are coiled and often oil tempered for higher resistance and durability. They are considered the power of garage systems since garage door springs enable the lifting and lowering of the door. The logic of their power hides in the world of physics but it's easy to understand how springs can spring so much power enough to lift the extremely heavy load of garage doors. If you bring to mind a small spring, which is used for other applications, you will understand it better. Whether the coils of this small spring are tight or more open, if you put your finger over it and close the gaps among the coils and then let go, you will notice the spring will jump. It jumps due to the power hidden among coils. If you multiply the size and durability of the material, you understand the amazing power of torsion and extension garage door springs, and how they manage to lift the heavy doors.

We fix torsion and extension spring problems

Garage Door Springs Garage door springs are extremely valuable and that's why our related services are invaluable, too. We have tremendous spring experience and offer extension springs repair very fast. Everyone at Garage Door Repair West Saint Paul knows how to effortlessly adjust and replace torsion springs. In addition, they offer advice and tips when replacing the door and springs. Garage doors won't be of any use without springs. They lift and lower the door and keep it open, so it's no wonder they often need adjustment. The springs balance the door but also place a lot of energy in their effort to move the door.

When trusting our established company for garage door repair spring services, your safety and convenience is sealed. Rely on expertise in all spring services that is fast and efficient. Diligent and friendly professionals travel with the right tools for perfect garage door torsion spring adjustment and their service is always impeccable.

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