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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Trained Experts for Garage Door Replacement

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The Ideal Damaged Track Solution

When my overhead door began to produce scraping sounds and to shake during movement, I knew that I had to take serious measures. Garage Door Repair West Saint Paul arrived right on time for the appointment and ran a complete check on the entire system. I was impressed with how thorough the inspection was. The technicians identified several issues with the garage door tracks including misalignment and dirt accumulation. They were prepared, provided a complete fix straight away alongside working meticulously to produce truly amazing results. My tracks are as good as new now and the door operates superbly.

Flawless Garage Door Installation

Thank you for everything which you did for me. I am one happy customer who enjoys a superbly working automatic garage door and appreciated how quickly you responded to my request in the first place. I received the most effective expert assistance with the selection of a new insulated door and have scored such a fabulous deal on the unit. I have to admit that the garage door installation work implemented is immaculate in every respect and glad I chose your company which I can count on always.

Exemplary Panel Repair Provided Swiftl

The new house which I bought had a rusty steel garage door which was unsightly, but quite strong. I needed a contractor to deal with the problem quickly and effectively. I chose Garage Door Repair West Saint Paul for the excellent recommendations of several neighbors and am glad that I did. The outstanding technicians came in on the very same day and removed the rust completely without leaving even a scratch on the panels. They applied several coats of high-quality exterior-grade paint for complete protection as well. I got even better garage door panel repair than I had anticipated and give the speedy service top score for its effectiveness.

Superior Emergency Cable Replacement

In my opinion, Garage Door Repair West Saint Paul has the best emergency service in the local area and I received complete assistance within minutes after my distress call. My door was completely jammed and I was in a great hurry. The dedicated technicians provided broken cable replacement without any kind of hassle and worked with great accuracy and at a speed which was quite impressive. They were ready in no time and the replacement garage door cable had the same dimensions and ferrule as the original one. I have complete peace of mind knowing I can count on this company.


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